Custom Masks for All Skin Types

Fabulous Firming Mask - Mini Face Lift

Sound the general alarm.

Help prevent the signs of aging; firm, tighten, and stimulate collagen. Rich in antioxidants, Co-enzyme Q10, Algae, Vitamin E, and Glucosamine. You will never go without this mask once you try it.

Help Your Oily and or Acne Skin Today

Oily or Acne this mask will help you turn the corner using Kaolin Clay, Sulfur and Zinc Oxide that will purge skin of impurities and dry blemishes while Aloe and Vitamin E will soothe and condition. 

Desert Face No More - Feel The Difference

Our rich and thick mask packs a serious punch with Muru Muru, Sunflower, Coco, and Shea Butters. Top that with antioxidants, vitamins, and Sodium Hyaluronate and what you have is a luxurious treatment.  

No More Red Angry Skin With Me

Relief from redness do to rosacea, inflammation, acne, sunburn, eczema or post wax irritation. Within 3 minutes, powerful antioxidants and Canadian Willow Bark help improve redness by 40% - 60% while Organic Aloe, Lavender and Arnica leave skin feeling cool and supple.